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Gangsters Masquerading As Kenya Police In Sh.72M Heist

Thieves masquerading as police officers on Thursday morning stole Sh72 million from Standard Chartered Bank in Nairobi West.

The G4S personnel had collected money from their headquarters on Witu Road and were taking it to StanChart’s Nairobi West branch. They left in two vehicles with men thought to be cash-in-transit officers escorting them. However, the officers turned out to be criminals on reaching Nairobi West and demanded part of the money. Later, they demanded for StanChart’s ATM passwords and withdrew more cash

On arrival, they (thugs) requested the password from headquarters then opened the ATM machine,” the police OB 2 /5/919 in Langata division police station stated.

G4S head of escort Wilfred Nyambane reported that the G4S employees had left the headquarters in two vehicles with three men they thought to be cash-in-transit officers escorting them.

“The officers who were escorting the cash turned out to be robbers and demanded all their phones and offloaded the cash to another car make Toyota Noah that emerged and they made away with 13 bags of cash with roughly Sh72 million,” the police signal said.

G4S officials told investigating officers that the imposters demanded the money on transit and Standard Chartered's ATM passwords where they withdrew millions of shillings in an incident that was reported at 8.00 am.


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Last modified on Monday, 16 September 2019 13:02

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