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Other News

Other News (40)

Ethiopia has woken up to the shocking news of the assassination of Oromo musician and activist Hachalu Hundessa who was shot dead in the capital Addis Ababa.

Hundreds of Oromo youth took to the streets of the capital Tuesday morning to express their anger at the killing of the musician they fondly called "Hache"

Questions are now been raised by the public over who killed the popular musician and why.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has sent his condolences following the assassination  and promised a full investigation in to the killing.

In a Facebook post PM Abiy Ahmed termed the killing "an evil act" and said the police had launched an investigation to ascertain who was behind Hacaaluu's death.

Oromo  activist turned politician Jawar Mohamed said the killing targeted the whole Oromo nation.

"They did not just  kill Hachalu. They shot at the heart of the Oromo Nation, once again !! It was Tadesse Biru, Haile Fida, Elemo Qilxuu, Eebbisaa Addunyaa...now Hacaaluu! You can kill us, all of us, you can never ever stop us!! NEVER !!" Said the influential  politician who last October claimed the Abiy administration had plotted to eliminate him.

At his Addis Ababa residence security has been beefed up as tension heightened in the Oromia region where the musician hails from.

Haacaaluus assassination comes less than a week after he appeared on Oromo language tv OMN live interview to give his stance on the current political situation in Ethiopia.

In the interview he  stated that the Oromo people are "not free yet".

He denied  reports that he supported the country's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and that he had received monetary  benefits from backing the Premier.
Hacaaluu criticised the former Ethiopian monarch Menelik II and the presence of the Emperor's statue in the capital Addis Ababa.

Reports of his death has shocked the entire Oromo nation and in his home town Ambo residents took to the streets to condemn the killing.


Popular Oromo Musician and activist Haacaaluu Hundesssa was on Monday night shot dead by unknown assailants in the capital Ethiopia.

A Police source confirmed to Horn24News that the musician known for his politically critical lyrics is reported dead. Haacaaluu was shot around the Galan Condominium site.

He was rushed to Tirunesh Beijing General Hospital where he succumbed to the gun injuries.

Poachers have killed at least six elephants in just one day at the Mago National Park in southern Ethiopia. 

The poachers used more than 30 bullets for just one elephant with the park's warden describing it as a 'massacre'. 


All the elephants were from one group that had been drinking at the Oromo river when they were attacked. 

The tusks were all removed.

Poaching is not normally seen at this scale in the area.

Last year authorities officially documented 10 elephant deaths. 

BBC Africa 

A former Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) commander identified as Lemmo Wariyo was on Thursday  kidnapped near Sololo in Kenya  by a armed men from a rival OLF faction.

According to a Moyale Sub County official who seek anonymity Wariyo an Ethiopian national had visited his Kenyan wife at Dambala Fachala for a naming ceremony of their newly born baby when he was accosted by armed men and taken to an unknown location.

Sources told Horn24News that Wariyo had belonged to the Brig.Gen. Kemal Gelchu faction of OLF.

Ethiopia in 2018 removed OLF, ONLF and Ginbot 7 among other rebel groups from terror list with hundreds of political prisoners released and ex rebels returning from exile.

Kemal Gelchu is now the leader of Oromo National Party (ONP) a political outfit that will be competing in the upcoming  Ethiopia general elections while Dawud Ibssa heads OLF Party after officially ending an armed struggle. Together with Prof Merera Gudina led Oromo Federalist Congress the three parties in January signed a pact to form a regional coalition called "Coalition For Democratic Federalism".

However several bands of fighters are yet to down their weapons and remain in the bush including on the Kenya-Ethiopia border and have been involved in alleged kidnappings and assassination of rival factions members.

Wariyo who hails from Bale has been living as a political exile in Nairobi Kenya under UNHCR since 2008.

Italian aid worker freed by Al-Qaeda linked Somali militant group Al-Shabaab has revealed that she is now a Muslim, an Italian news outlet reports

In an interrogation with Italian security agents upon her arrival in Rome Italy at the end of 18 months hostage Silvia said she converted to Islam out of her own will.

"It happened in mid-captivity, - she said - when I asked to be able to read the Koran and I was satisfied".

Silvia had dispelled the doubts that the decision had taken place due to the psychological conditions faced in Africa, making it clear that it was her free choice.

"Nobody forced me. And it's not true that I was forced to get married, I didn't have any physical constraints or violence," she said.

The hypothesis of a forced adhesion to Islam would also be supported by news circulated in recent months, according to which the young co-worker would have been forced to marry one of the jailers

The captivity was spent in closed rooms, where Silvia says she never felt "imprisoned" because she was free to move in the lairs, at least four, inside villages.

"A Quran was made available to me and thanks to my jailers I also learned some Arabic. They explained their reasons and their culture to me. My conversion process was slow" she is quoted.

The plane carrying Silvia Romano landed at the Ciampino Airport in Rome at 2.00pm local time.

Silvia was veiled in a light green Islamic "Jilbab" and a "Bata" loose dress commonly dressed by Somali women.

"I'm fine, physically and mentally. I'm fine, now I just want to be with my family for a long time." were her first words after she came from an interrogation at the Ros military barracks.

Silvia got off the ladder of the plane that brought her back to Italy after the long imprisonment. She  greeted the Prime Minister and Minister Di Maio with her elbow, - in compliance with the anti-Covid-19 regulations - then she was able to tighten her father Enzo, her mother Francesca and her sister again. Then the transfer to the barracks to meet the prosecutors who started an investigation into kidnapping for terrorism.

"I am calm. During the kidnapping, I was always treated well," she told Ros agents in a four-hour interview to reconstruct the stages of the affair.

"Every three months I changed my lair", Silvia told the investigators giving new details of those past months without ever having been tied up or seeing her captors in the face. Many transfers from one hiding place to another, and always in inhabited places, where Silvia has never met other women. So the jailers, - always the same and present in three, she explained - managed to keep it hidden.

"They assured me that I would not be killed and so it was," said the cooperator to the prosecutors of Sergio Colaiocco who listened to her with the anti-terrorist unit agents.

Silvia an aid worker with Italian charity Africa Milele was kidnapped by gunmen in Kilifi county, Kenya in November 2018 before her captors smuggled her into Alshabaab held territory in neighbouring Somalia.
She was released on Sunday some 30km from the Somali capital Mogadishu.

Mogadishu, Sunday (Horn24) Aid worker Silvia Romano  was set free on Sunday in the Somali capital Mogadishu after her abduction in neighbouring Kenya in November 2019.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte confirmed on Twitter of the release of Romano.

"Silvia Romano has been freed. I thank the women and men of the intelligenfe services. Silvia we are waiting for you in Italy" PM Conte tweeted.

" I've been strong. I didn't give in. I'm fine and I'm looking forward to going back to Italy" Romano is quoted by an Italian agency.

Horn24 established that Romano is at a safe location in Mogadishu.

Gunmen  kidnapped the 23yr  Italian aid worker and shot and wounded a woman and four children in Kilifi county, Kenya in November 2018.

Somali speaking men armed with AK-47 rifles seized the aid worker from a guesthouse in Chakama, a small town close to the south-east coast. Romano was working for Italian charity Africa Milele.

She was seized after she came out of her room to find out what was going on.

The attackers opened fire as they left, wounding a woman and four children, he added. A 10-year-old child was shot in the eye and a 12-year-old was hit in the thigh.

A University of Pittsburgh researcher who claimed to have been on the verge of a significant breakthrough in his research on the coronavirus was killed in what appears to me a murder-suicide on Saturday, WTAE, a local ABC News affiliate, reported.


Police found 37-year-old Bing Liu, who worked as an assistant professor at the university, dead in his house in Ross Township, having been shot by someone who then went to his car and shot himself.

The second man, identified as 46-year-old Hao Gu, was found dead in his vehicle.

Liu was working at the Pitt School of Medicine's department of computational and systems biology and was supposedly on the verge of a significant breakthrough in his studies on the coronavirus, according to a written statement by the department.


"Bing was on the verge of making very significant findings toward understanding the cellular mechanisms that underlie SARS-CoV-2 infection and the cellular basis of the following complications," the department said.


"We will make an effort to complete what he started in an effort to pay homage to his scientific excellence."

While police have stated that Liu and Gu knew each other, authorities have not yet discussed a possible motive.

Pittsburgh police are treating Liu's death as a homicide, "we haven't had anything at this point that has come to the investigation that has anything to do with Mr. Liu's employment or his research," Ross Township Detective Brian Kolhepp said.

daily mail

The African Express cargo plane that crashed on Monday killing 6 people was shot down by projectile a few minutes before it's schedule landing at the Bardale airstrip, Horn24 has learnt.

A Kenya security source told Horn24news that Kenya Air force officials had gathered initial accounts that "strongly" indicate Ethiopia National Defence Force fire downed the Eubreur 120 plane.

ENDF cordoned off the crash site minutes after it came down.

Bardale Airstrip in South West State is manned by Ethiopian Amisom troops. Recently however there have been recorded movement of non Amisom ENDF troops near Bardale.

2 Kenyan pilots, a Kenyan flight engineer and 3 Somalia national were on Monday killed when their plane was hit and crashed near Bardale in Somalia.

The cargo plane registered 5Y AXO belonging crashed 5km to Bardale Airstrip .

Those killed in the crash are identified as

  • Capt. Hassan Musa Bulhan
  • Flight Officer Mubarak Sherman 
  • Flight Engineer Charles
  • Umar Jamal- Crew

The 2 others are Somalia nationals identified

  • Ali Madahgadud a son of a prominent Garreh clan elder from Qoryoley. He is said to have chartered the plane for close to one year.
  • Said Abdi Mohamed African Express agent in Somalia. 

The plane is said to have been taking a consigment of medicine for aid agency ICRC.

A Kenya military source has told Horn24 that the Somalia government and ENDF are stalling on allowing team from the Kenyan airline and Kenyan military from visiting the crash

site to retrieve the black box.

Negotiations are now being escalated to high-level officials.

Somalia government issued a statement early Tuesday in which it said an investigation had been launched to ascertain the cause of the crush. 

2 Kenyan pilots, a Kenyan flight engineer and 3 Somalia national were on Monday killed when their plane was hit and crashed near Bardale in Somalia. The cargo plane a Eubreur 120 registered 5Y AXO belonging to African Express was crashed 5km to Bardale Airstrip.

Those dead are identified as ;

  • Capt. Hassan Hassan Musa
  • Flight Officer Mabruk
  • Flight Engineer Charles
  • Umar- Crew

The 2  others are Somalia nationals identified

  • Ali Madahgadud
  • Said  Abdi Mohamed


The plane is said to have been taking a consigment of medicine for aid agency ICRC.

There has been no official statement frkm Somalia Civil Aviation Authority as to what caused the plane crash.

Bardale Airstrip is manned by Ethiopian Amisom troops. Recently however there have been recorded movement of non Amisom ENDF troops near Bardale.


As the Covid19 lock down in Uganda takes holds, The Ministry of Health is planning to turn Mandela National Stadium (Namboole) into a health facility if the number of COVID-19 cases increase.

This was revealed on Wednesday by Dr Diana Atwine, the health ministry’s Permanent Secretary while appearing before the parliamentary committee on the budget.

 The committee was scrutinizing a supplementary request by government of Shs284b to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

Dr Atwine, was responding to questions from Members of Parliament in regard to the ministry’s preparedness to handle the cases if at all they increase. She said that at the moment, the cases are being handled from Entebbe Grade B hospital and Mulago national referral hospital.

Dr Atwine, however, told the committee that arrangements are already being made to have the stadium gazzetted in case the two facilities get filled up.


“In case Mulago has a spill over, we shall use Namboole, we have a mobile hospital that we can put there and operationalize, right now I can’t tell but we shall handle as we go along,” she said.

Many residents in Uganda are still coming to terms with the total lock down put by the president Yuweri Museveni.

The President on Monday ordered a two-week nationwide lockdown in a bid to combat further spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

The President said that because some people had misused the earlier measures citing 'indiscipline and inconsideration', stringent measures had to be taken to prevent further spread of the virus.

This was Mr Museveni's sixth address to the nation in a space of just two weeks.

He noted that out of the 33 already confirmed cases, 14 had interacted with the public citing the Masaka incident where the patient infected his wife and daughter.


"If people were not behaving carelessly, we wouldn't have spread the virus. Since we are not sure, we should not take risks," Mr Museveni said.

"We have decided to take additional measures. I would have given the public time to adjust. But they may transfer the sickness we are trying to prevent. They may think they are running away from danger when they are taking death to our people in the villages," he added.

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