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Amina Hersi Named Africa Enterpreneur Of The Year Featured

Kampala, Monday (Horn24)-Kenyan entrepreneur Amina Hersi Moghe has been named this year’s Entrepreneur of the Year Africa by the influential London based magazine European CEO.

The magazine named Moghe the as the best CEO for her entrepreneurship spirit that has seen her become one of the largest investors in the sugar industry in Uganda.

Her holding company Horyal Investment’s portfolio includes the multimillion-euro Oasis Mall in Uganda and the Atiak Sugar Factory, which occupies more than 16,000 acres and will have the capacity to produce 50,000 tonnes of sugar a day once fully operational.

In an interview earlier with European CEO, Moghe who was born in Kenya’s western region said she ventured into business in Uganda following the stabilization of the northern region which had been battered by the Lords Resistance Army insurgency for years.

Though she did not receive higher education, her basic accountancy education and her mother’s entrepreneurship spirit inspired her to venture into business.

She opened her first shop in the late 1990s and went ahead to expand into Horyal Investment which includes real estate and commercial buildings in Kampala.

She later founded Atiak Sugar Factory located 300km from Kampala which occupies 16,000 acres and is expected to be fully operational later this year. Her hopes of bringing to life the sugar factory received a boost last year when the Ugandan government injected $5.5 million in exchange for 10.1% stake.

“One of the primary objectives of all Horyal Investment’s business ventures is to empower women by presenting opportunities in sectors that have previously been dominated by men,” said Moghe.


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Last modified on Tuesday, 10 December 2019 19:29

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