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Tens Killed In Ethiopia Protests As Oromo Leaders Jawar & Bekele Arrested Featured

Three Oromo opposition leaders Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba and Hamza Borana were on Tuesday arrested as protests hit Ethiopia's Oromia region following the assassination of Musician Hachalu Hundessa.

The three who are members of the Oromo Federalist Party (OFC) were arrested at the Oromo Cultural Center as they awaited a consultative meeting to address the Monday assassination of Halachu hours after protests hit across the Oromia region.

"Jawar and the rest had been communicated to meet with the Oromia region president and other Oromo leaders" an aide of the leader told Horn24 news.

"Upon their arrival at the Oromo Cultural Center federal police in two trucks arrived. A scuffle ensued and Jawar together with his guards and two personal assistants were arrested. Bekele and Hamza Boran were also arrested" he said.

It is not clear where the three are been held.

Earlier protests were staged across Oromia region where the popular musician hails from.

At least seven people are reported killed by bullets in Adama (5) and Chiro (2) protests.

Hachalu known for his political songs was shot dead in Akaki Kality Sub City, Wereda 4 near the Galan Condominium at 9.30pm local time.

Federal Police Commissioner Endeshaw Tasew on Tuesday evening told reporters that initial probe showed the assassination was "well planned" and "sophisticated".

According to the Police Chief Hachalu had been trailed by his assailants and who managed to enter into his car and shoot him.

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