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Ethiopia National Defense Army crossed into Kenya on Tuesday and arrested 10 Kenyans in Moyale town a resident of resident of Somare, Moyale told Horn24.

'They were in searching for OLF rebels and sympathisers. All the 10 detained are residents of Somare' Abdi Godana a resident of Somare told Horn24 reporter in Moyale.

Somare village is located in Butiye Ward, Moyale Sub-County of Marsabit County of Northern Kenya.

Those arrested include

1. Molu Hulkano

2. Mulo Dima (electrician)

3. Guyo Gollo

4. Quasim Halake

5. Bonaya Gollo (bodaboda rider)

6. Kodira Dima

7. Godana Galicha (form 1 student)

8. Issak Molu

9. Boru Gollo Godana (bodaboda rider)

10. Mzee Nuguse

There has been no official statement from the Ethiopian army on the arrest of the Kenyan citizens. 

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