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The Kenyan government has published the post Covid-19 draft protocols for operations for the sector players likely to be rolled out July 1st.

The protocols adapted through collaborative engagement with the industry stakeholders hopes to jump start a sector that has been brought to its knees with layoffs for its workers and a severe disruption in the supply chain. 

Many people relying on the sector for their livelihoods are peering at uncertain futures with an estimated 5 million Kenyans facing job losses by the end of the year as per the projection of the Ministry of Labour. 

However with Kenya soon to open from the Covid19 restrictive measures, the Ministry of Tourism and sector players have released the 43 page document to guide in the post pandemic era. 

The protocols known as the 'THE NEW NORMAL' include in it's broad general protocols that: all establishments in the hospitality industry to institute a Food Safety Management System FSMS for it's clients, staff and supply chain. 

Continuous observation of the 1.5 metre social distance. 

Develop internal guidelines for staff within the protocols. 

Develop standard operating procedures when handling suspected Covid19 cases.

All operators to have valid TRA licence, health and county licences

Continuous monitoring by the Tourism Regulatory Authority in collaboration with the stakeholders. 

Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala added that clearly there has been disruption caused to businesses and livelihoods, actors in the sector had through the adoption of the protocols taken the responsibility of ensuring that destination Kenya is safe for tourism business. 


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Last modified on Tuesday, 23 June 2020 16:45

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