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Kenya's Ijara Muslim Leaders Ban Extravagant Weddings Featured

GARISSA, Sunday (Horn24) - Islamic Scholars in Ijara town north eastern Kenya have issued a religious declaration to cut the cost of weddings in the Sub-County. The scholars briefed the press in Masalani town, Garissa county on the new  conditions set for weddings.

Twelve conditions are listed in a statement attained by Horn24News reporter in Garissa.

The scholar declaration regulates the bride price, dressing, amount to be paid to inlaws and prohibits photography and motorcade during the wedding.

Anyone found going contrary to the newly set conditions  which are effective from December 1 2019  "will be prayed against and cursed" according to the statement by the scholars.

There has been an ongoing debate among Kenya's Somali community over the high cost of weddings and bride price discouraging younger men from tying the knot.

The declaration has triggered a buzz on Kenya and Somalia social media.

With the new set of conditions by the Ijara Islamic scholars the cost of a standard wedding will be approximately KSh.75,000 ($750).


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Last modified on Monday, 25 November 2019 08:56

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