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Veteran Kenyan Investigative journalist Yassin Juma has now been held in detention for over 30 days by the Ethiopian Authorities. 

Last Tuesday while appearing for third time before the Addis Ababa law courts, the prosecution asked for 8 more days to conclude investigations. 

Yassin Juma says the prosecution has now brought in new charges 'they have now brought in new charges after the court ordered for specific charges for my case' Juma told horn24news reporter Behailu Mesfin. 

'Now am being accused of hacking Ethiopia Government satellite and sharing confidential information with international organisations and unnamed foreign countries '. Juma adds 

Yassin Juma arrived in Addis Ababa on January 20th this year to produce a television news series about Ethiopia for the UK based SKYNEWS. 

However following the closure of borders due to corona virus, Yassin was asked by the Oromia Development Association together with the Oromia North America Association and the state affiliate Oromia Broadcasting Network OMN to produce a documentary feature film on the launch of Ethiopia E-Learning system with filming in five schools. 

'I was in the process of documentation of the project that was flagged off and launched by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. 

Yassin Juma has been held in the same cell with two other journalists Melese Diribsa and Guyo Wario. Also in the cell are politicians Skander, Jawar, Getnet and ex minister Wehed. Some children have also been incarcerated with at least 3900 other people arrested following the chaos that followed the death of Hachalu Huundessa. 

Yassin Juma remains hopeful and encouraged by the support and online campaign #FreeYassinJuma. 

'I am grateful for the online campaign and to the Committee For The Protection of Journalists CPJ and all those calling for my release. 

This is what has kept me going thirty days in incarceration '.

We in horn24news call for the release in detention of Yassin Juma in Ethiopia. 

Former Nation Media Group journalist Yassin Juma is still missing in Ethiopia after Friday's arrest while covering the unrests in Oromo region following the assassination of Oromo activist and musician Halachu Hundessaa. Yassin Juma was apprehended together with opposition leader Jawar Mohammed while on their way to the burial Haluchu's in his home town of Ambo, 100 kilometres West of Addis Ababa. Sources inform horn24news that Yassin is being held by the Ethiopia National Defence Force ENDF that has taken charge of matters in the volatile region of Oromia. Over 150 are known to have lost their lives with hundreds more injured following the murder of Halachu Hundessa. Ethiopia has been embroiled in political and social skirmishes since the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed received the Nobel Peace Prize 2019. Former Nobel laureates have championed good governance, democracy and freedom of the press. Horn24news demand the release of our colleague Yassin Juma.

Ethiopia has woken up to the shocking news of the assassination of Oromo musician and activist Hachalu Hundessa who was shot dead in the capital Addis Ababa.

Hundreds of Oromo youth took to the streets of the capital Tuesday morning to express their anger at the killing of the musician they fondly called "Hache"

Questions are now been raised by the public over who killed the popular musician and why.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has sent his condolences following the assassination  and promised a full investigation in to the killing.

In a Facebook post PM Abiy Ahmed termed the killing "an evil act" and said the police had launched an investigation to ascertain who was behind Hacaaluu's death.

Oromo  activist turned politician Jawar Mohamed said the killing targeted the whole Oromo nation.

"They did not just  kill Hachalu. They shot at the heart of the Oromo Nation, once again !! It was Tadesse Biru, Haile Fida, Elemo Qilxuu, Eebbisaa Addunyaa...now Hacaaluu! You can kill us, all of us, you can never ever stop us!! NEVER !!" Said the influential  politician who last October claimed the Abiy administration had plotted to eliminate him.

At his Addis Ababa residence security has been beefed up as tension heightened in the Oromia region where the musician hails from.

Haacaaluus assassination comes less than a week after he appeared on Oromo language tv OMN live interview to give his stance on the current political situation in Ethiopia.

In the interview he  stated that the Oromo people are "not free yet".

He denied  reports that he supported the country's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and that he had received monetary  benefits from backing the Premier.
Hacaaluu criticised the former Ethiopian monarch Menelik II and the presence of the Emperor's statue in the capital Addis Ababa.

Reports of his death has shocked the entire Oromo nation and in his home town Ambo residents took to the streets to condemn the killing.


Popular Oromo Musician and activist Haacaaluu Hundesssa was on Monday night shot dead by unknown assailants in the capital Ethiopia.

A Police source confirmed to Horn24News that the musician known for his politically critical lyrics is reported dead. Haacaaluu was shot around the Galan Condominium site.

He was rushed to Tirunesh Beijing General Hospital where he succumbed to the gun injuries.

The Kenyan government has published the post Covid-19 draft protocols for operations for the sector players likely to be rolled out July 1st.

The protocols adapted through collaborative engagement with the industry stakeholders hopes to jump start a sector that has been brought to its knees with layoffs for its workers and a severe disruption in the supply chain. 

Many people relying on the sector for their livelihoods are peering at uncertain futures with an estimated 5 million Kenyans facing job losses by the end of the year as per the projection of the Ministry of Labour. 

However with Kenya soon to open from the Covid19 restrictive measures, the Ministry of Tourism and sector players have released the 43 page document to guide in the post pandemic era. 

The protocols known as the 'THE NEW NORMAL' include in it's broad general protocols that: all establishments in the hospitality industry to institute a Food Safety Management System FSMS for it's clients, staff and supply chain. 

Continuous observation of the 1.5 metre social distance. 

Develop internal guidelines for staff within the protocols. 

Develop standard operating procedures when handling suspected Covid19 cases.

All operators to have valid TRA licence, health and county licences

Continuous monitoring by the Tourism Regulatory Authority in collaboration with the stakeholders. 

Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala added that clearly there has been disruption caused to businesses and livelihoods, actors in the sector had through the adoption of the protocols taken the responsibility of ensuring that destination Kenya is safe for tourism business. 


Kenya has won the United Nations Security Council seat for 2021-2022.

Kenya was declared the winner on Thursday night after beating Djibouti 129 votes against 62 in the second round of voting at the UNSC headquarters in New York City. 

Kenya enjoyed the support of the African Union even as Djibouti pushed to have the seat due to Nairobi past participation. 

President Uhuru Kenyatta termed Kenya's win as a 'demonstration of the country's growing profile and influence in the community of nations as a steadfast and dependable development partner'.

Safaricom PLC and parent company Vodacom Group Ltd plan a joint bid for one of the two telecommunications licences that is expected to cost $1.5 billion. 

Safaricom confirmed this and is gearing up to bid with other foreign firms.

In June 2019 Addis announced that the country will be liberalising its telecommunications sector. The 100 million Ethiopians have been served by the state-owned Ethio Telecom. 

Safaricom is one of the frontrunners and with its array of products and services hope to do business in Ethiopia one of the few countries yet to open up its telecommunications sector. 

With it mobile money transfer Mpesa, Safaricom plans to turn the service into 'Africa Largest Unbanked Bank'

Last year Safaricom core earnings rose 13.1% to Kenya shillings 89.6 billion ($889.33 million). 

A crisis occasioned by the Covid19 pandemic is looming in Kenya where more than 28 school going girls are becoming pregnant daily. 

In a report by the Kenya Health Information System a total of 3,964 girls aged 19 and below become young mothers. This number comes from Machakos County with indications of a bigger number nationwide. 

The cases peaked in March at the onset of Covid19 lockdown measures where government officials noticed a huge jump.

This worrying trend has been linked to parents from urban areas dropping off their children at their rural homes.

Cases of gender based violence has seen a sharp rise globally at the height of Covid19 counter measures with the United Nations sounding an alarm for government to act on this unfolding issue. 

On the 1st of July 2020 a Digital Tax will come to effect in Kenya on technology companies doing business in country.

In his budget statement for the financial year of 2020/2021, Kenya Finance Minister Ukur Yatani announced this new tax in a bid to squeeze out more money as the country battles with the effects of COVID19.

Kenya joins a list of countries that have imposed tarrifs on big tech giants such as Google, Netflix and Facebook. 

The US is opposed to digital taxation saying it unfairly targets American firms. 

Kenya may risk its existing duty free exports deal to the US under Agoa. 

In the budget statement Ukur put emphasis on the government's stimulus package for the post COVID19 recovery worth $540 million. 

The package includes 5 billion shillings on rural infrastructure, 6.5 billion shillings for the Ministry of Education on hiring part time teachers and interns. Also 10 billion on pending bills with 3 billion for soft loans to SMEs.

Tourism will also get some stimulus of 4 billion with farmers getting e-vouchers worth 3 billion. 

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